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Our mission

We’ve identified a serious problem. Loneliness and depression are on the rise, and younger workers feel it most - in fact, nearly 3 out of 4 feel alone. The long hours, moves to new cities, career changes, and a WFH world make it nearly impossible to meet new people in real life. And what’s out there isn't cutting it.

At Clockout, we see a future built on a community ecosystem -we're on a mission to celebrate friendship and empower personal growth through authentic connection.

The Clockout effect

Within a few short months of our NYC launch, our community now stands strong at 25,000. Hundreds of users are taking to Instagram and TikTok, sharing deeply personal stories about finding real, meaningful connections within the communities they care about. 

We're so excited to continue creating for all of you - 

follow along to see where we go next! 

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Our story

Meet our founders: Krishna & Manasa!


After graduating from NYU, they genuinely weren't prepared for how difficult it would be to stay in touch with friends, meet new people or get involved in different communities. Living in a city like New York, with over 8 million people - it was pretty shocking. When they realized that millions of other young professionals struggled similarly, they sought out to create a platform that would actually work - a dedicated ecosystem for young professionals.

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